Digitizing Onboarding in an Offline World

Delivering a mobile app for onboarding hugely increased the speed of onboarding, reduced the cost of acquisition and transformed the customer experience.

the challenge The Challenge

Our client needed a digital journey for dealerships and customers, to deliver auto insurance documents in real time and to digitize post-sale servicing.

  • Strategic partnership with major automobile OEM
  • Add-on insurance, service and maintenance package
  • Use technology to access insurance PAS to retrieve documents

The Results

ManageMy delivered an integrated portal for dealers to capture customer information, which was passed to our client’s PAS to create policies and return the customers’ ID card.

  • 95% reduction in onboarding time
  • 83% improvement in data capture time
  • 57% lower acquisition cost

The Challenge

Our client is a global, multi-line insurer on the East Coast of the United States. ManageMy was engaged to deliver a Customer Engagement Platform for their auto insurance business. In conjunction with a large vehicle OEM, they had developed an innovative auto insurance product to offer customers at point of lease. Realizing that they needed a digital experience to meet the innovative nature of theirproduct, harnessing both back end APIs, to enable real-time, automated insurance and a customer front end to meet the expectation of a more tech-savvy customer cohort, our client couldn’t find an internal solution. So, they turned to ManageMy.

Driving Automation

Our client needed to support their strategic partnership proposition. To differentiate their offering, and leverage a somewhat captive market, speed of transaction, automated document creation and retrieval, and a mobile app-based customer interaction were the key elements of our brief. Current processes meant customers faced significant delay before being able to drive off the lot with their new vehicle.

Thinking outside the customer box

The policy holder wasn’t the only end user to consider. Our solution needed to engage the car dealerships and give them a streamlined onboarding experience to drive uptake. We had to ensure the insurance experience enhanced the dealer interaction with the customer.

Multi-layer integration

The platform needed post-sale features to support the customer in booking regular maintenance or accessing the OEM’s vehicle repair network. This had to sit alongside PAS integration to deliver real-time policy and customer data.

Digitizing with ManageMy has given us so many wins across the board - with our strategic partner, with their dealership and, most importantly, with our customers.

VP, Customer Experience

The Solution

Our client was looking for potential solutions to enhance their chances of partnering with vehicle OEM’s to offer insurance at point of sale/lease. ManageMy’s mobile app was a perfect fit for all of the customer facing requirements, and delivered a number of additional features.

In less than 12 weeks, ManageMy’s solution was integrated to move data seamlessly from dealership to insurer and back to the customer in a matter of seconds. By deploying ManageMy, our client’s customers received their documents in as little as 15 seconds.

Configuring ManageMy’s Workspace as a dealer portal gave our client a fantastic new digital solution which came as part of their insurance offering to their strategic partner.

How it Works

Data Capture: Customer data captured as part of lease are sent by API to the insurer PAS.

Real-time Documents: The platform interacts seamlessly with the PAS to produce insurance documents and customer ID card.

Customer App: The customer receives a personalized download link to complete insurance registration while dealer completes lease.

Post-sale Service: The customer uses the app to access documents, find repair shops and book regular maintenance.

Rapid Insurance

ManageMy’s mobile app and web portal were launched so that customers would be on cover immediately and receive their insurance ID cards in seconds, allowing them to drive off the lot with full peace of mind. Customer interaction at point of sale is now fully digitized – creating a lightning-fast experience.

Non-Core Customers

ManageMy’s integration with the OEM and insurer systems meant an excellent experience for Dealerships as well. No re-keying and personalized customer communications meant a seamless and frictionless onboarding journey.

Major Benefits

The OEM’s customers now manage their auto insurance from the white-labelled insurer app – enabling real-time policy management, updates and communication. This insurer’s customers now have first class digital experiences when dealing with their insurance.

Reduced Costs

Cost reduction followed naturally. Our client was astounded at how quickly their customers embraced digital self-service, reducing phone calls and paper from day 1. This has freed up their administration staff to handle more complex queries.
"We couldn’t believe how quickly customers moved away from offline communications and embraced the mobile app as their first port of call"

The Results

The time taken in dealerships to onboard the customer for insurance was immediately reduced by 95%, and subsequently reduced the time the customer needed to input their details by 83%. The speed of the technology, the ease of use and the attractiveness of proposition meant our client experienced a 57% reduction in their cost of acquisition from the very first day the ManageMy platform went live. 

Added Benefits

Technical Expertise: Our client now relies on a digital partner with years of experience in both insurance and technology to create and support their digital journeys.

Upsell Opportunities: Customers are now onboarding through an automated process thanks to ManageMy’s APIs. Call center staff are now freed up for higher value tasks.

Self-serve: It’s now simple for dealers to capture customer details for lease and insurance in one go, and to supply the customer with their documents in real-time.

Ease of Use: Our client sees huge opportunity to cross-sell to this customer base – accessing revenue that was previously left on the table.

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