Insurance Customer Engagement

“Who knew that going digital could feel so human? Our customers are more engaged than ever!”


4 - 6 weeks

Zero upfront costs

Create an insurance experience where your customers feel at home for the first time. It’s omnichannel, relevant, and targeted to their needs. Basically, nothing like a traditional insurance experience at all.

  • Real-time updates
  • Incentives and loyalty programs
  • Direct communication
  • Document vault

Insurance Customer Engagement

Simple and Accessible Insurance for the First Time

Customers want digital experiences - we think we’ve heard someone say that once or twice. The more transactional your solution, the less engaged your customers are going to be. And non-engaged customers don’t stick around. Create a digital experience that’s built on customer engagement, and make it easy for your customers to love you.

Engage and Reward

Engage your customers with offers, rewards, lifestyle bonuses and more, all through a single integration with ManageMy. Stay competitive by making your digital solution slot into your customer’s everyday lives, adding tools such as health trackers for life insurance, alerts and monitoring for home insurance, or maintenance and scheduling for car insurance. Sticky? Superglue.

Direct Access

Be there when your customers want you, and invisible when they don’t, by putting the control firmly in their own hands. From the platform, they can access all of their documentation, manage their policies, view offers or rewards, and initiate communication. On the back-end, your contact centre staff are freed up to provide more value when it’s needed.

Sam Knows Loyalty*

Sam can help you navigate the difference between shiny new fad-technology, and a solution that provides both customer and business value.

*Just ask her Amazon delivery guy.

Create Frictionless Customer Experiences

Your customers are demanding a slicker, more digital experience, and it’s your job to get it right.

Put yourself in your ideal customer’s shoes, and imagine a typical journey. It starts long before you ever learn their name, while they’re gathering information, and researching the best choice of insurer. They may reach out to ask questions, or even advice. Later, they purchase a policy, or perhaps more than one. Further down the line, they make a claim, a renewal, an upgrade, or a request.

Each of these touchpoints could take place in person, on the phone, online, via chat or email. And every single communication could be your point of failure or churn.

ManageMy connects the dots and makes it easier for the customer, with a seamless digital experience that keeps them coming back to you, every time.

5 Steps - 6 Weeks - All Done!

Working with us is a breeze! ManageMy’s team of experts (and their teams!) are here to guide you through every step of the process.

Your digital experience is only a few weeks away.



Let’s document everything we need to know about your customers and products.


Here’s where we plan your customer journeys, functionality, and features.


What do you need, and because this should be fun, what do you want?


Make it your own with branding and content. (Plus a whole lot of style.)


As we go above and beyond their expectations, watch customers become advocates.


Book a one-on-one with a customer engagement expert, and start planning your ideal digital insurance solution.

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