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The Power of a Digital Insurance Platform

It’s time to up your game, and that means delighting your customers with innovative digital experiences that leave your competitors in the dust. With ManageMy no-code platform, you can create your own digital insurance customer ecosystem, increasing revenues through new opportunities to engage and reducing costs via digitization.

Digital Insurance Platform

Insurance? Engaging? ... It is now.

When was the last time you heard someone say “My insurer made the whole process incredibly smooth”?

Let’s make you that insurer, providing an interface that your users want to engage with, that makes insurance simple and accessible for the first time.

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Leah knows how to make your board happy

More obsessed with results than the average college student, Leah will help you build digital insurance solutions with outcomes in mind, such as boosting revenue or engagement, or reducing costs and churn. Or both!

Digitize Your Customer Lifecycle

Rex knows His Way
Around a Tech Stack

As he keeps reminding us, his name doesn't mean "King" for nothing

Why ManageMy?

With over 50 years of combined experience in the insurance industry, we understand the delicate balance that drives value for both insurers and customers, and how technology can be a differentiator in realising this value. Our solutions are:


Choose a specific digital use case, or create an end-to-end digital insurance ecosystem. You’re firmly in the driver’s seat.


Our shared risk model means that there are no upfront costs, and we only get paid when you see value.


Integrate once with us, and then pick and choose the features and solutions to make your customers smile.


Leave faceless processes to your competition. We specialize in digital experiences that add the personal touch.

Meet Alex, He’s Your First Port of Call

We know you want to take a sneak peek. Give Alex a call and he’ll get you a behind the scenes tour. He’s nice like that. Most of the time.

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