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We’ve made providing a digital insurance platform easier than you could ever imagine.

Digital Insurance Platform

Manage your insurance offering your own way with an intuitive web and app customer interface. And the fun doesn't stop there - your team gets their own digital insurance portal to create, test and tinker.

Increase revenues by offering remote agent sales and in-force policyholder marketing directly from the same UI. At the same time, reduce costs by offering smarter self-serve, and saying goodbye to a whole lot of paper. We’re so confident in your success, we offer a flexible, risk-sharing commercial model.

You haven’t seen anything this smooth since Barry White

Digital transformation? Meet the human touch. Our platform and people come together to support you in choosing, building and implementing best-practice solutions. What’s that noise? Oh, that’s the sound of your customers getting excited.

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View information and download documentation

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Initiate Claims

From FNOL and beyond

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Purchase Coverage

Get covered on the go

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Integrated with lifestyle extras

Today’s Special: Digital without the Side of Risk

No matter what you choose, we’ll be done in weeks and we won’t ask for a penny upfront. Our modular architecture means you can pick and choose what feels right for your customers.

"There's an app for that"

Want to see your brand right there on your customers’ phones, next to Starbucks and Slack? It’s closer than you think.

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Digital Insurance Solutions

ManageMy is a Single Point of Integration

By integrating once with ManageMy, you have immediate access to a wide range of value-adds, without adding complexity or delay. It’s like an all-inclusive ticket to Disneyland. Rollercoasters not included.



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