“Instead of checking in once a year, we’re now seeing the value of direct, ‘anytime’ marketing. Our customer relationships have never been stronger.”


4 - 8 weeks

Zero upfront costs

Retain and enrich existing customer relationships with upsell and cross sell opportunities from within a single platform.

  • Do more with your data
  • Omnichannel offering
  • Add value to insurance
  • Add premium services

Policyholder Marketing

Reach the Right Customer, at the Right Time

Digitizing your services will help you to improve efficiencies and give your customers the experience that they’re asking for, but what’s next? To really boost your ROI, you need to add revenues, too. In-platform policyholder marketing is the route to standing out from the crowd, and ensuring your message cuts through the noise.

I am Data

“How do I know what my customers need?” We get asked that question a lot. The insurance world is full of data – but can you say that you use this data to really know your customers, including insightful details about who they are and what products they could benefit from? In reality, you might well know what they need better than they do. We help you enhance this data with the information captured by the platform to curate offers your customers are delighted to receive.

Revenue Generation

Your digital platform is a launch pad for new revenues, if you know how to trigger lift-off. Sometimes you might start with the products your customers already have, and highlight complementary policies that match their base. Other times you’ll be provided with a blank slate, and you can use customer insights to deliver the products they need. Whatever you choose, the communication channel is where you get started.

Take marketing from complex as pi to easy as pie

Seamlessly communicate with customers, supporting marketing efforts through in-platform messaging or standalone campaigns. Not to brag, but ManageMy integrates with customer activity, external data sources and third-party solutions transforming your marketing strategies so you reach your customers via their preferred channel at the ideal time and with the right offer. Now that’s how you maximize ROI.

No-one Is Delighted By a Call From Their Insurer

We hope that didn’t hurt your feelings, but someone had to say it. The days of upselling policy additions or improving customer retention by picking up the phone are over. Most people would rather that their best friends sent a message instead of making them speak out loud. And you’re not their best friend.

That doesn’t mean that your marketing needs to be passive, or that you’re relying on customers following you on Facebook. Embed your marketing into your digital platform, and you’ll have a direct line to a listening ear, whether that’s for underwriting, upselling, riders or even to see if they want to sponsor your daughter’s 5 mile run. (Don’t do that last one.)

ManageMy helps you to sift through the data to find the actionable opportunities that are lying dormant on the table, and present these to your customers in an engaging and appealing way. Boom. Your digital platform just became a revenue-generator.

5 Steps - 8 Weeks - All Done!

Working with us is a breeze! ManageMy’s team of experts are here to guide you through every step of the process.

Your digital experience is only a few weeks away.


Let’s document everything we need to know about your customers and products.


Here’s where we plan your customer journeys, functionality, and features.


What do you need, and because this should be fun, what do you want?


Make it your own with branding and content. (Plus a whole lot of style.)


Watch as your marketing takes effect, and customer retention and loyalty grows.

Increased revenues? Yes, please.

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