"We’ve seen satisfaction and retention climb as a direct result of digital claims. Our customers' loved ones appreciate a claims process that speeds up resolution."


2 - 6 weeks

Zero upfront costs

Communicate with your customer throughout the claims process, and streamline the claims journey from end to end.

  • Intelligent automation
  • Smart customer journeys
  • Touchless claims
  • Improved support

Digital Claims

Supporting Beneficiaries in Their Moment of Need

Make it easy for beneficiaries to get the support they need when they need it, and you'll maintain the reputation you've worked hard to build. Stand by their side (or in the palm of their hand) at the point of claim, and communicate throughout the process with notifications, secure messaging, video calling, and access to documentation, all from a single screen.

A Promise Made Good

For you, it’s business as usual, but for the customer, it could be the worst day of their life. Making it as easy as possible is the way that you show you care. Create digital claim experiences that walk the beneficiary through the journey step by step, communicating to the max. You can’t fix it all, but at least they won’t need to add a painful insurance experience to the story, eh?

People Before Paperwork

Reduce the cost of a claim by automating many of the manual processes involved, from requesting evidence and exchanging documents, e-signatures, payments and more. Your staff are freed up for higher-value tasks, and the customer makes progress, even during off hours. We call that a win/win.

You do this every day, so you’re best placed to make it easy.

Our platform is built to help carriers streamline the claims journey, making it smoother for beneficiaries to receive the support and assistance they require during the worst possible time.

We help carriers deliver on their promises quickly and effectively, so that customers get the service and support they expect, and can focus on what really matters.

Make Frustrating Claims Processes a Thing of the Past

Dealing with life insurance claims is tough. It’s an emotional time for the beneficiary and staff often have to deal with sensitive circumstances.

A digital claims process has benefits on both sides. For the customer, they can manage the claim in their own time, through their preferred channel, following a customizable streamlined claims journey that walks them through an unfamiliar and daunting process. For you as the carrier, you can automate many of the repetitive or straightforward parts of managing claims, putting more resources into relationship building and adding value.

ManageMy’s digital claims module helps you communicate with your customers, and keeps them up to date through a digital platform that can automate key elements of the claims process, or digitize the whole thing from end-to-end.

5 Steps - 6 Weeks - All Done!

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