“We’ve made policy delivery 95% faster, and improved the experience for new customers. We should have done this years ago!”


2 - 4 weeks

Zero upfront costs

From consumer to customer, without that cumbersome insurance process you know and... resent.

  • Real-time information
  • Identity verification
  • Digital signatures
  • System integrations


Automate Your First Interaction, and Turn Customers into Cheerleaders from Day One.

Imagine saying no to higher revenues and lower costs. Want to turn down an all-expenses-paid 5* resort vacation while you’re at it? Move from paper-based processes to a streamlined digital journey, and you might even find you’re processing applications in real-time. We were joking about the vacation - don’t call us about that.

Drive Down Costs

How much do you spend on paper-based processes, from long application forms, to traditional contracts and verification documents? Eliminate the white stuff, with digital contracts, app-based account creation, e-signatures and more. Less paper = less filing = happier interns = better coffee and donuts. How can you argue with that logic?

Speed up Processes

Ever feel like application processing is so repetitive and simple that even a robot could do it? Well, it can! Let us look after the automation of your digital journeys, integrating with smart technology that verifies customer identity, captures information digitally, and allows customers to self-serve or live-video collaborate with an agent as needed. And that means your people can spend more time on the human side of your business.

Take the pain out of policy delivery

Put your new customers in control with digital fulfillment, and work towards a touchless onboarding process that delights both parties.

Onboard and Shoot For The Stars

What do you think of when you conjure up an image of policy applications? Customers filling out long forms, agents rekeying readily available information, managing TPA print schedules, clients waiting for snail mail to deliv… zzZz.. Whoops, sorry, we actually drifted off there for a moment.

Integrate a digital fulfilment journey for your customers with your back-end underwriting processes, and you’ll be getting through applications faster, without the need for all those manual processes that slow you down.

ManageMy allows you to add co-browsing, live video collaboration, e-signatures and identity verification, facilitating an end-to-end fulfillment journey that checks all the digital boxes.

Bet you’re wide awake now.

5 Steps - 4 Weeks - All Done!

Working with us is a breeze! ManageMy’s team of experts (and their teams!) are here to guide you through every step of the process.

Your digital experience is only a few weeks away.


Let’s document everything we need to know about your brand, data and customers.


Here’s where you plan your customer journeys, functionality, and features.


What do you need, and because this should be fun, what do you want?


Make it your own with branding and content. (Plus a whole lot of style.)


Start watching your onboarding time and your costs reduce before your eyes!

All Aboard!

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