“We’ve harnessed technology to streamline the sales process. And our customers and agents have never been happier!”


4 - 8 weeks

Zero upfront costs

That agent across the table - without the table.

  • Needs analysis
  • Omnichannel communication
  • Co-browsing
  • Live video collaboration

Driving New Business

Fill Those Dotted Lines with Signatures, e-Ink Included

Simplify the sales process with centralized communication, intelligent integrations that automate and accelerate the application process and tools that empower agents to see more prospects in less time.

First Impressions Matter

Your first conversation with a customer is a needs analysis. It’s all about understanding how you can help. Which products will suit this customer,  and how can you support their goals for budget, scope, small print, and more? Enhance that experience with our HD Sales solution, complete with co-browsing, live video collaboration and e-document signing.

Be Everywhere, All at Once

Imagine yourself like a tiny insurer on the shoulder of your customer, whispering great product options like sweet nothings. Let them start on the web, then download your app and move to mobile, jumping on a call if a point needs clarifying. You’re everywhere the customer needs you to be, making you the most convenient agent of all time. Here’s your trophy.

No offense, but traditional insurance applications are a bit of a pain

Our customizable platform provides everything you need in one convenient location, from underwriting, pricing and external data sources to application tracking and issuance. No two ways about it, it’s just better.

Meet the Remote Working Future

This isn’t like that goth thing the kids do in middle school. Digitization is a trend that can’t be ignored. Luckily, it’s an awesome one, empowering agents to see more prospects, staff to check in on customers with greater regularity, and the business to expand the sales cycle from pre-sale to post-sale opportunities.

How do we do it? With digital enhancements that take your traditional communication channels and supercharge them with technology, so that both you and your customers see the benefits of choice.

5 Steps - 8 Weeks - All Done!

Working with us is a breeze! ManageMy’s team of experts are here to guide you through every step of the process.

Your digital experience is only a few weeks away.


Let’s document everything we need to know about your customers and products.


Here’s where we plan your customer journeys, functionality, and features.


What do you need, and because this should be fun, what do you want?


Make it your own with branding and content. (Plus a whole lot of style.)


As we go above and beyond their expectations, watch consumers become customers.

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