You’d Look Great on Mobile

Let’s face it. Your customers spend most of their time staring at those tiny screens. Lucky that we can make insurance responsive in more ways than one with our digital insurance mobile app.

Award-Winning Insurtech App

Empower Clients to Manage Products On the Go

From sorting out a policy amendment during their lunchbreak, to scrolling documentation and upsell opportunities without moving from that comfy couch position, a mobile app for insurance gives your customer flexibility and ease of use.

No Upfront Development Costs

On the business side, we promise no upfront development costs, and all the support that you need to bring your insurance into the 21st century. And we won’t try to convince you to start a TikTok channel. We know our limits.

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design your journeys Design your Journeys

Decide exactly what your clients see, from log-in, to log-out.

  • Add the features you need
  • Multi-channel experience
  • Give your users the outcomes they want

fully branded Fully Branded

Make your app a seamless transition from your look and feel.

  • Fully white-labelled
  • Craft the ideal voice
  • Multi-brand capability

no code development Absolutely No Code

Everyone else is doing it, why shouldn't you? No code = no IT briefs!

  • Easy drag and drop interface
  • Make changes on the fly
  • Add content in real-time

Don't Get Left Behind - Insurance Apps Are Where It's At

Customer loyalty sky-rockets when a business takes the leap and gets a mobile app. It provides a way for you to speak to your clients directly, through push notifications, in-app messaging, and personalization.

ManageMy makes getting your own branded customer mobile application simple. We handle all the technical details, leaving you to think about planning supportive user journeys, creating engaging content, and what colour scheme to choose. (Sorry, yellow’s taken.)

Slick Digital Experiences is Erin’s Middle Name.

(Not really, that would be ridiculous*.)

*It’s Charlotte, since you asked

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