Hey, I’m Sam, and I Know Design

I love the challenge of insurance, an industry that doesn’t exactly conjure the image of simplicity and great customer journeys, if you know what I mean. In my hands — we’re going to change that for good.

A bit about me

Once upon a time, insurance journeys for customers were spaghetti junctions, a mass of different mediums, from phone calls and in-person visits, to emails, post-its and carrier pigeons. (Well, you get my point.) Today, you have the opportunity to untangle that mass of threads, but keep them all intact, and create a unique digital experience for each customer, where omnichannel communications from any source are integrated, streamlined, and oh so easy to follow.

That’s where I come in. I love design, I’m an unashamed perfectionist, and I’m passionate about making insurance processes simple and slick. I’m all about minimizing the cognitive load that customers face when working with their insurers, creating journeys that are frictionless from onboarding to renewals. At the back-end, as the insurer, you have better risk management, quicker time-to-value, a single view of the customer, and the data to be truly future-focused.

According to EY, tomorrow’s winners will have a commitment to designing, launching and servicing innovative new products and experiences more quickly and at a fraction of today’s costs. I’m ready to help you get there.

Let me Paint You a Picture

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