Hey, I’m Leah, and I Know Marketing

‘Holistic digital marketing strategy’ may sound like gibberish, but allow me to translate from buzzwords to English. It really just means that I’m going to help you to sell more insurance, in less time, and make your customers love you for it.

A bit about me

Understanding what your customers want isn’t rocket science. In my experience it comes down to three things. 1. Communication, so that they’re not left in the dark about the details of your relationship. 2. A great product, including a selection of clear and reasonably priced policies. 3. Support, making sure that when they need you, you’re not adding to the frustration of an already difficult situation.

Digital marketing can put all of this within your reach, and that’s what I do at ManageMy. Your digital platform will be the central hub where all of this takes place, whether that’s the way you reach out to your customers, how you present your products and services, or the channel where customers can self-serve or get help when they need it.

According to Accenture, the three priorities for today’s insurers are to re-evaluate digital services with a generational lens, personalize consumer offers, and restore trust with digital and human interaction. If you want to find smarter, more affordable ways to attract prospects, nurture customers through a sales cycle, and add clever additions like loyalty programs or lifestyle management rewards, I’m your woman.

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