Hey, I’m Erin, and I Know Customer Experience

My goal is to make your customers love their relationship with you, constantly beating expectations, until those original expectations are just a dot in the rearview mirror. You have seven seconds to get their attention — how are you using it?

A bit about me

Customer expectations are at a higher point than ever before, and your customers are demanding quicker, more streamlined and accessible ways to manage their insurance. This starts with offering a multi-channel experience, but that’s just step one.

I’ve spent years working in customer experience and engagement, and I know what converts and what doesn’t. I know how to get users to click and to scroll, and what mistakes will make them switch off and turn to your competition. According to Salesforce, 80% of customers say that the experience you provide is as important as the service, and I’m here to check that off your to-do list.

Speak to me about enhancing the way you sell (and upsell) products, engaging customers through intelligent add-ons like loyalty or rewards programs, and helping to create a digital claims journey that turns a painful moment into a huge customer win.

I could talk Customer Experience all day

All I’m missing is your unique business context. So let’s schedule some time to talk about you!

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