Hey, I’m Alex, and I Know Product Development

If you’re looking to make your insurance solution more customer-centric, innovative, and digital, but you’re missing the technology, skills, or vision, we’re about to become really good friends.

A bit about me

Product development for the modern insurer is all about creating a customer-centric journey. That could come in many guises, from forming a common language and personalizing interactions, to offering anytime-anywhere communication, or enhancing value through connectivity and digitization.

I’m a self-professed product nerd, so I’m happy to talk all day about technology that helps you to get agile. This could be how to plan integration with relevant ecosystems that reduce the time to value, or how to use an iterative approach to digitization that will keep your inherent culture intact, but lead you towards an innovative future.

According to Deloitte, success-driven insurers can no longer remain locked into 20th-century product development capabilities. I couldn’t agree more. But trust me when I say, digital can be simple. The optimal customer experience might be closer than you think.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

I literally wait by the phone for people to ask me about this stuff, so go on, make my day.

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