Legacy Modernization - Redefining Customer Experience

22 February 2024 | Janet Anderson

Q&A with Greg Sim

Tell us, who do you work for and what do you do?

I’m VP of Information Systems and CIO at Columbian Financial Group, a mutual insurer in Binghamton, NY. We have over 1 million policyholders and over 20,000 independent agents selling our products.

Customers registered via CSR referral

You’ve undergone a lot of digital transformation in the last few years. Can you tell us a little about your objectives in delivering this change?

We realized we had problems with our data. It was difficult for someone to hit our site and register and it was also difficult to verify policyholders. We wanted something simple, not necessarily flashy but functional and easy to understand. This is exactly what we were able to build.

What attracted you to ManageMy when you were looking for a customer experience platform?

One of the elements that separated ManageMy from other providers was the depth of the team’s insurance knowledge and experience. Other companies have a lot of people, but not many that are as knowledgeable about insurance as the ManageMy team.

43% logins via Mobile App
57% via Web Portal

Was pricing a key element of your decision to partner with ManageMy?

Lowering our costs was a key reason for selecting ManageMy. Other vendors have pricing structures that include implementation and high monthly fee structure. The transparency of the ManageMy pricing allowed us to be more comfortable about partnering with ManageMy.


What are the primary features of the ManageMy platform that were important to the CFG team?

The technology experience and the flexibility of the platform were critical for our team. These tools are helping us to get the applications through the sales funnel as quickly as possible, which is improving the overall customer experience.

Did ManageMy meet your expectations during your implementation process?

It was terrific! We got all of our board members logged in and everything worked perfectly! It was simple to use and performed as promised. In addition, the implementation team from ManageMy were super helpful. Any issues were dealt with as a team, and they helped us solve problems.