e2Value and ManageMy Join Forces to Streamline Insurance Agency and Customer Experience


Partnership will streamline the property valuation processes

e2Value, a leading property insurance valuation solutions provider, and ManageMy, a pioneer in insurance customer and agent experience technology, are pleased to announce their strategic partnership.

This collaboration simplifies and improves the purchasing journey for insurance agents and their policyholders.

“This partnership is a significant step forward for the insurance industry,” stated Debbie Wagner, Executive Vice President of Sales, e2Value. “By combining e2Value’s proven valuation expertise with ManageMy’s innovative platform, we are equipping insurance professionals with the tools they need to deliver exceptional service to their clients.”

“We are excited about the collaboration of our platforms that will further enhance how insurance carrier’s leverage accurate property intelligence to sell and underwrite policies” echoed Josh Hall, Head of P&C Sales at ManageMy. “By joining forces, we’re pioneering a new era of seamless customer experiences and streamlined processes by leveraging reliable data from e2Value at the point of sale.”

This partnership simplifies processes for agents and policyholders while enabling carriers to value properties accurately. The result is a win-win for all stakeholders.

For more information about e2Value and ManageMy’s collaborative efforts, please contact sales@managemy.com

About ManageMy:

ManageMy is the platform that insurers, agents, brokers, and Managing General Agents trust to engage, innovate, and grow efficiently. ManageMy partners with carriers of all sizes, allowing them to streamline communication and experiences between all stakeholders. The no-code platform brings everyone closer together and ensures policyholders receive the personalized human touch they deserve, and agents benefit from an optimized workflow.

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About e2Value:

e2Value, Inc. is a full-service application development and technology provider that offers products to assist with asset valuation. Our tools can be used for collateral asset valuation, risk management, and predictive modeling. We offer full-featured, knowledge-based Internet applications that enable consistency and standardization of pricing, processes, and procedures for all financial firms.

Founded in 2000 and based in Stamford, Connecticut, e2Value is the leading SaaS provider delivering valuations for residential, commercial, and farm and ranch properties in the United States and Canada. The company provides the best property-based solution for risk management on a web platform while easily integrating with the latest technologies. Our services expedite decision-making and information sharing among the sales, underwriting, asset valuation, predictive modeling, and claims functions.

For more information, please visit e2Value

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