ManageMy Empowers Personal & Commercial Lines Customers with Data from Confianza to Transform Customer Experience

3 January 2024 | Josh Hall, Partner – Head of P&C Sales

ManageMy, a leading provider of cutting-edge customer management solutions, is thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with Confianza, a trusted data analytics and insights company. This collaboration aims to revolutionize how businesses leverage data to enhance insurance customer experience.

Understanding and engaging customers has never been more critical in today's competitive business landscape. ManageMy has long been committed to empowering its clients with tools and insights that help them exceed customer expectations, drive brand loyalty, and boost profitability. The partnership with Confianza takes this commitment to a whole new level.

Confianza is renowned for its expertise in collecting, analyzing, and harnessing data to provide businesses with actionable insights. By integrating Confianza data into the ManageMy platform, customers can now Gain Deeper Customer Insights, Personalize Customer Engagement, Enhance Decision-Making, and Streamline Operations.

“Customer experience is the cornerstone of any successful business, and this partnership with Confianza is a game-changer,” said Josh Hall, Head of P&C at ManageMy. “We are committed to providing our clients  the tools they need to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace. Integrating Confianza data into our platform gives our clients the edge they need to exceed customer expectations and drive their businesses forward.”

“Today, more than ever, our clients depend on instant and accurate information & analytics necessary to execute and maintain the balance of customer service and profitable growth” said Confianza’s Chief Data Officer, John Petricelli. “With our partnership with ManageMy, we will be able to empower our mutual clients with an instant Customer360 view enabling active monitoring and management of change across the policy lifecycle.”

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About ManageMy:

ManageMy is the platform that insurers, agents, brokers, and Managing General Agents trust to engage, innovate, and grow efficiently. ManageMy partners with carriers of all sizes, allowing them to streamline communication and experiences between all stakeholders. The no-code platform brings everyone closer together and ensures policyholders receive the personalized human touch they deserve, and agents benefit from an optimized workflow.

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About Confianza:

Confianza is an innovative data solutions company providing instantaneous, comprehensive information via a powerful API and integration platform, empowering Carriers, MGAs and Brokers with comprehensive data & prescriptive analytics. Based in Florida, Confianza serves the needs of insurance & Financial Service professionals throughout the country with a fully integrated database of America of more than 300M individuals, 190M households and 55M businesses encompassing more than 2,300 attributes. Data attributes also cover approximately 200M properties with additional insights about Replacement Cost Estimator, human and non-human perils, risk and more.    

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