Insurance Customer Engagement

Building an insurance solution needs insurance expertize

Which is why our team all have years of insurance experience

Insurance expertize needs insurance experience

The ManageMy platform has been built for insurance by people who know insurance. We have over 50 years combined experience in the insurance industry and that informs every turn we take, every decision we make and every solution we deploy to our clients.

Gino Maccio


Gino is the CFO, and a co-founder at ManageMy. A finance professional with over 15 years experience, the majority of which in insurance, where he has played pivotal roles in commercial strategy, acquisitions, overseas expansions, scale ups, and a listing.

Mark Moran


Mark has been building digital insurance experiences and platforms for longer than he can remember. With a resume featuring some of the world's largest insurers, there isn't much that Mark doesn't know about what insurers and their customers need from their digital platforms.

Stuart Johnston


Marketing in the insurance industry is different - and our CMO Stuart has been doing it for 20 years, so he knows better than most. Helping clients to maximize revenue impacts from their digital platform puts him in his happy place.

Greg van Druten


Getting to grips with the technical aspects of insurance isn't easy - and ManageMy's CTO Greg takes it on every day to make it easy for our clients. Greg has spent years in FS and insurance, making clients feel at ease with all things technical, security and IT delivery.

Chris Turpin

Head of Operations

Chris is rarely happier than when he's in the middle of a client delivery, keeping everything together and delivering projects in crazy timescales. We've never seen someone so happy when deadlines are met and clients are telling him "you rock!"!

Sean Rowley


An insurance professional of (many!) decades, Sean is an actuary and has held multiple, global roles in the insurance (and reinsurance and InsurTech) industry. Sean's understanding of the industry and strategic thought leadership helps to shape ManageMy's strategy and vision.