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Why Use a Platform?

Your customers, whether that’s policy holders, prospects, agents or admin, have limited attention and resources to give. For your technology to make their lives easier, they need a single, streamlined user experience, where all of their policies and information can be found at a glance.

A platform allows you to connect users through centralized data to improve experience across the board - and then easily test, iterate, revise and launch new journeys with our flexible, no-code configuration layer.

Digitization is a journey, and our modular solutions mean you can start where your priorities lie and add features over time. We’re so confident in your success, we offer a flexible, risk-sharing commercial model. Only we and your Mom have that kind of faith in you.

You haven’t seen anything this smooth since Barry White

Digital transformation? Meet the human touch. Our platform and people come together to support you in choosing, configuring and implementing first class solutions. What’s that noise? Oh, that’s the sound of your customers getting excited.

Today’s Special: Digital without the Side of Risk

No matter what you choose, we’ll be done in weeks and we won’t ask for a penny upfront. Our modular architecture means you can pick and choose what feels right for your customers.

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design your journeys Design your Journeys

Decide exactly what your customers see, from log-in, to log-out.

  • Add the features you need
  • Multi-channel experience
  • Give your users the outcomes they want

fully branded Fully Branded

Make your app a seamless transition from your overall look and feel.

  • Fully white-labeled
  • Crafted personalization
  • Multi-brand capabilities

no code development Absolutely No Code

Everyone else is doing it, why shouldn't you? No code = no IT required!

  • Easy drag and drop interface
  • Make changes on the fly
  • Add content in real-time

From sorting out a policy amendment during their lunch break, to scrolling documentation and upsell opportunities without moving from that comfy couch, a mobile app for insurance gives your customer flexibility and ease of use.

No Upfront Development Costs

On the business side, we promise no upfront development costs, and all the support that you need to bring your insurance into the 21st century. And we won’t try to convince you to start a TikTok channel. We know our limits.

Mobile App
Digital Insurance Solutions

ManageMy is a Single Point of Integration

By integrating once with ManageMy, you have immediate access to a wide range of specialist features, integrated services and engaging value-adds, without adding complexity or delay. It’s like an all-inclusive ticket to Disneyland. Rollercoasters not included.

Flexibility First: You Want it, We'll Make it Happen

Off-the-shelf doesn’t have to mean restrictive. For too long the insurance industry has had to make do with “good enough”, while service providers charge for opening an email! ManageMy is here to change that with integrated services that deliver the solutions you need.

Our platform is built to allow flexibility in who you choose to help write new business, service existing policyholders, simplify agent experience and empower staff. Whether you’re a life insurer who needs integrated illustration tools or a property carrier who wants automated property values, ManageMy has a host of options pre-integrated. And if it’s not already integrated, we’ll get it integrated – without large, upfront implementation fees or ongoing maintenance costs.

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"Giving you the flexibility to do business how you want."

Stuart Johnston


Marketing in the insurance industry is different - and our CMO Stuart has been doing it for 20 years, so he knows better than most. Helping clients to maximise revenue impacts from their digital platform puts him in his happy place.

Mark Moran


Mark has been building digital insurance experiences and platforms for longer than he can remember. With a resume featuring some of the world's largest insurers, there isn't much that Mark doesn't know about what insurers and their customers need from their digital platforms.

Josh Hall

Sales, P&C

As an accomplished senior executive with more than 25 years of insurance experience, Josh leads our P&C practice. His goals are to help shape and deliver industry transformation and support the strategic growth of our client community.

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