Our Experts Are Your Experts Too*

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We’re not digital gurus who are trying our hand at insurance. Our expertise and experience is firmly grounded in decades of success in the insurance industry.

Leading Insurtech Company in the US

What does that
mean for you?

Our background makes us comfortable with your traditional roots, and our digital smarts will help you reach for the stars.

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Leah knows that lengthy briefs, sales cycles and lead-in times are no good for business. Her goal is to get you the marketing results that you need via the platform, whether that’s increased sales, renewals, engagement, or loyalty.

Areas of expertise


Product Development

Alex has spent years working in different shapes and sizes of insurers, wishing he had the tools to make it digital and simple. Eventually, he jumped on board with us, and has since turned ManageMy into exactly that.

Areas of expertise


Customer Experience

Erin knows what your customers want. Fact. She breathes life into traditional insurance, bringing it into the 21st Century and creating truly enviable customer journeys.

Areas of expertise


UI UX Design

Sam is our designer, obsessed with the latest design trends, and constantly iterating our platform and its UX to be the best it can possibly be. You have her to thank for that gorgeously easy User Interface you’re going to love building customer journeys with.

Areas of expertise


Tech Expert

The technical side is Rex’s happy place. He understands your data, he can visualise your systems and he knows how to quickly and easily integrate ManageMy before you even know what questions to ask.

Areas of expertise